About The Friends Of The Royal Victoria Hall


In April 2012 the Southborough Town Council announced that they could no longer afford to subsidise this practical and popular venue, which was used by both professionals and amateurs. 

In order to raise awareness and initiate a campaign to save the theatre and ensure its future in the community, The Friends of Royal Victoria Hall (RVH) was formed in April 2012. The society is a non-profit voluntary organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting the regeneration and development of this much loved theatre and community venue, creating renewed pride and securing and sustaining its future. The group will endeavour to provide the RVH with financial assistance by fund raising and (working in partnership with the local authorities) provide voluntary resources to assist with the administration, management and maintenance at the RVH.
Current Committee: Chair – Adele Ebbage, Vice-Chairman – Jason Reeves, Treasurer – Tony Egan supported by a working group comprising of representatives from the local area with a wide range of valuable skills and qualifications covering education, theatre technicians, marketing, project management, fund raising and creative arts. This is a credible, qualified and experienced team who want to work with the STC, TWBC and the community.

We joined The Theatres Trust www.theatrestrust.org.uk who are the National Advisory Public Body for Theatres, protecting theatres for everyone, promoting the value of theatre buildings and championing their future. The Theatres Trust is the government’s adviser on theatres, they provide a range of advisory services, and are a statutory consultee on planning applications.
While the primary aim of the group is to ensure that the RVH maintains its intended function as a Theatre we also recognise the need for the RVH to be beneficial to the wider community and increase its utilisation and customer base. We believe it should be managed and equipped to run as a multi-purpose venue and significant revenue could be generated by an efficient and flexible booking system and a flexible seating system. We would love to hear from any of the Southborough residents and their views and suggestions and hope that they will join us in helping to put the RVH back in the heart of the community. Email us at friendsofroyalvictoriahall@gmail.com